Anniversary Messages from Meher Baba

"Although I am ever with my lovers individually, I am always happy when they gather in My love, so celebrate this anniversary at My Abode with a bang and let My message fill every corner of your hearts. Love to you all."
~ Meher Baba
Telegram to Avatar’s Abode 1967

"I am coming to America and Australia solely to give My Sahavas to My lovers, and I want each of you to come with the longing to receive just that. I want this Sahavas to be above all a close companionship between your Beloved and His lovers; and if you wish to maintain this unique relationship, then do not come with the question or the desire to seek discourses and explanations. Come with the preparedness to receive fully whatever I may give you, with the thought of being completely resigned to My Will."

Part of message of 12th April 1958 from Meher Baba to all those attending the Sahavas at Myrtle Beach, USA, and at Avatar’s Abode, Australia